We offer our clients highly specialized professional services in 4 major areas.


For local, national and international campaigns, we design and implement campaign functions for candidates, political parties and support organizations.  Knowing your objectives, we can target important audiences – whether they are voters or donors.  Clients receive support for field operations, communications, media outreach, fundraising and direct mail.


Our company understands how to operate in highly competitive environments and the 24-hour news cycle.  Smikle Associates provides Public Relations, Crisis Management, and coordination of Issue-Based campaigns.  Construction of a nexus between corporate managers, board members, media and political and community leaders, portends successful corporate external engagements and brand enhancement.  Using significant relationships and strategic partnerships, BSA lobbies on behalf of these organizations to Federal, State and Local legislative and administrative bodies and organizes grasstops and grassroots constituencies.


Governments and nonprofits face increased scrutiny from constituents, donors and the media.  Given the need for greater transparency and accountability during times of economic uncertainly, public sector organizations are behaving much like the private sector and have become more sophisticated in their approach to fundraising, branding and service delivery. Our firm can brand your nonprofit or government agency, promote programs and initiatives in various communities, at help you set benchmarks and appropriate metrics.   We improve messaging and tie it to the Communications and Public Relations functions internally.  For projects and programs, we can assist from inception to evaluation.


Throughout the life of Smikle Associates, the company has maintained relationships with some pretty smart people. Policy analysts, researchers and over-all big-thinkers are integral to the work we do. We want to be impactful in designing, implementing and analyzing broad policy issues from Education, Education Reform, Health Care and Energy Policy. We have relationships with top Universities and think-tanks around the world and look forward to marshaling those resources to support our clients.