Demonstrators to drive ‘justice caravans’ across multiple bridges in memory of Eric Garner | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

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MSNBC Panel on Potential Clinton Domestic Platform

New York Times: Can a New York City Mayor Achieve Higher Office?

New York State has produced more presidents than any other state except Ohio, but the odds against a New York City mayor are nearly insurmountable. Even to win statewide office is daunting. The reasons are rooted in historic perception and modern politics.


Should Hillary Run?

MSNBC discussion on Hillary’s potential run for the White House

My piece on Post-Bloomberg Education Reform in City Limits

…But the next mayor is unlikely to be a policy entrepreneur in the way Bloomberg was an “education mayor” and thus the scope and depth of previous education reforms will be difficult to abrogate. While the efficacy of Mayoral control is being debated broadly, three potential policy changes in the next Administration may portend significant transformations to the sprawling and often unwieldy system.