New York Times: Too Concerned with Re-Election to Compromise

President Obama’s rare public display of exasperation and animus after the defeat of bipartisan gun control in the Senate was unmistakable. He could only bemoan the handful of senators — four of them Democrats — derailing the hopes of 90 percent of America.


The New York Times: How To Fix Elections

The Help America Vote Act was intended to help repair flaws in the voting system revealed by the heatedly contested election of 2000. Ten years later, the integrity of the process is still endangered.


From – Probe Clears Maxine Waters; Good News for Obama?

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(The Root) — On Friday a special investigator commissioned by the House of Representatives announced that one of the most prominent African-American women in Congress, Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), did not violate House ethics rules. The investigation cast a three-year cloud over the California congresswoman, her family and congressional Democrats in general, coming on the heels of an even more high-profile investigation of fellow Congressional Black Caucus stalwart Charles Rangel.

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The New York Times – Contradicting a Carefully Built Brand

“The Selling of the President” has been a business since before 1969, when the author Joe McGinniss wrote about the Nixon campaign and the commercial marketing firm it hired to help package a smart but very uncharismatic candidate. More than 40 years later, in an age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, this dark art of branding the candidate has become a core function of every big campaign.


Roll Call – First Lady In Demand on Campaign Trail

Many vulnerable Congressional Democrats hope first lady Michelle Obama will campaign for them before November — but they’re not banking on a rally or visit. “I’ve put in lots of requests,” Sen.Claire McCaskill (Mo.) said in late June. “So far, we haven’t made the cut. But I’ve asked. I’ve repeatedly asked, and I’ll keep asking.”


Roll Call – New York: Charlie Rangel Survives Primary Challenge

Twenty-one-term Rep. Charlie Rangel, the Democratic icon who chaired the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, survived the fiercest primary challenge of his career Tuesday night.


Roll Call – Charlie Rangel’s Career Might Be in Peril

There is a growing sense among New York political insiders that next month’s primary could mark the end of 81-year-old Rep. Charlie Rangel’s storied Congressional career.

Rangel, the third-most-senior House Member, has been weakened by health, the weight of an ethics rebuke and redistricting. Moreover, he is battling a message, being delivered on multiple fronts, that it’s time for a change and new leadership.


Buzz Feed – Black Democratic Stars Prove Fickle Allies For Obama

The “Joshua Generation” rose with the president, but some of the highest-profile have gone public with their doubts. “I’m not involved in supporting the Obama campaign,” says Davis.